About the Center for Excellence in Digital Health

Leveraging digital health applications

The Center for Excellence in Digital Health engages present and future clinicians in using and leveraging digital health applications to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and institutions throughout the world.

We work in partnership with faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to educate future healthcare professionals on the evolving landscape of digital healthcare delivery.

Our Work: Digital Health Education

The Center for Excellence in Digital Health is a resource for the development of digital health curricula. We enable effective teaching about, and through, digital health technologies.

Our current programs include guidance for UNE faculty to incorporate digital health content into their curricula. There is a digital health curricula working group that provides overarching outcomes and learning activities. There is also a faculty learning community for digital health. The learning community provides a supportive setting for faculty to design and develop evaluation criteria for implementing new digital health content in the classroom.

Our Work: Digital Health Research

Beyond education, the Center for Excellence in Digital Health is a hub for collaborative research and community outreach activities related to digital health. We activate UNE researchers to include digital health in their research efforts.

Affiliated members have expertise in rural and public health, nutrition, geriatrics, pharmacy, and outcomes research, as well as program evaluation.


Michael R. Sheldon, PT, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
(207) 602-2704